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AHP Partners working on regional Disaster Ready initiatives are World Vision, Oxfam Australia and Plan International. Working through their local partners, activities are focused on collaboration and planning at a regional level, while others are smaller pilots that will be scaled up across further countries.

Regional Program Overview

The Disaster READY regional program includes several activities that address shelter needs, capacity development of disabled people’s organisations, and building local manufacturing capabilities to meet humanitarian needs.

Habitat for Humanity is developing a shelter catalogue to identify best practices for shelter in response, early recovery and reconstruction in Fiji, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. The catalogue, which promotes disability inclusion in shelter design, will be used by local government offices and disaster responders.

Field Ready is a humanitarian organisation that specialises in innovative approaches to disaster response. In Fiji and Vanuatu, the organisation will work in partnership with the local manufacturing industry to improve quick response to humanitarian needs by developing skills and manufacturing blueprints for the rapid production of local aid items.

CBM Australia will build the capacity of the Fiji-based Pacific Disability Forum (PDF), the peak representative of disabled peoples’ organisations in the region. PDF will support national disabled peoples’ organisations in Fiji, PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Timor-Leste to engage meaningfully and strategically in disability inclusive disaster risk reduction and preparedness for response efforts.  

Implementing Partners

  • World Vision Australia, through Habitat for Humanity Fiji, is partnering with the World Food Programme; CBM Australia; Regional Shelter Cluster; Fiji National Shelter Cluster; Fiji National Disaster Management and Meteorological Service; Fiji Ministry of Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport; Pacific Disability Forum.

  • World Vision Australia, through Field Ready, is partnering with local manufacturers, suppliers and local NGOs and the United Nations.

  • Oxfam Australia, Plan International Australia and World Vision Australia are partnering with the Pacific Disability Forum to support the Pacific Disability Forum Regional Capacity Building Program.